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KOZUE (Wakayama) Japanese Craft Gin

KOZUE (Wakayama) Japanese Craft Gin
KOZUE (Wakayama) Japanese Craft Gin
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Dark green" for imaging that green koyamaki’s selling, and GIN’s flavor for base that mixed with juniper berry, it makes more flavorful scented GIN. Koyamaki and juniper berry’s flavor which both of them contain a lot of "α-pinene" ingredients, so they are very compatible with each other. “expanse” and “abundance “of the KOZUE’s flavor are born from here. Added Mandarin orange peel made in Wakayama, it feels soft and fresh scent were mixed when tasted by drink, and makes good taste. Further more, the flavor of Sansho(Wakayama’s Japanese pepper) to enhance the feeling of aftertaste, we accomplished the flavor that will makes you want to drink more.


Content 70cl
Alcohol 47%
Country of Origin Japan
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