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Brand: Renom
The Moueix Family settled on the Bordeaux Right Bank since 1902 where it became rapidly influential in Saint-Emilion and Pomerol. Antoine Moueix Winehouse has inherited of the values of its founder : agricultural identity, authenticity and passion for great wines. Antoine Moueix have a particular kn..
Brand: Cubical
Gin made from high quality English grain following a triple distillation process. cubical Kiss is produced with the same combination of Cubical Premium (juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, orris root, liquorice root, cassia, almond shells, sweet orange and Buddh..
Edmond Briottet Vieille Fine Armagnac VSOP Edmond Briottet Vieille Fine Armagnac VSOP
Nose : Vanilla, fresh fruit and floral (lime tea) notes.Mouth : Frank and distinct. Then quince and fresh grape notes emerge.After Taste : Supple, round, with a slight vanilla flavour, and has a good range..
HK$455 HK$514
Brand: Giffard
Crèmes de Fruits Liqueurs A range of crèmes de fruits with genuine flavours : strong like the blackcurrant, more subtle ones like raspberry or wild peaches, fine flavours like wild strawberries. Neat on the rocks, with wine or sparkling wine, in cocktails or as a topping on ice creams and cakes...
Made by a collaboration of Johnnie Walker and the Porsche Design Studio to create a hand crafted leather and aluminium ice bucket box. That will make an excellent gifts for your whisky connoisseur friendThe incredible Cube is essentially the ultimate box for your Blue Label, splitting in half to for..
Grape Variety: Grenache | Cinsault | Syrah  Intense and delicious aromas of orange peel & currant Supple with a nice sharp freshness Great for sharing with friends & family..
Grape Variety: Grenache / Syrah / Tibouren / Cinsault Expressive white flowers, citrus & berry notes Highlighted by a pleasant minerality Rich velvety taste with its freshness..
Camus VSOP Cognac (Intensely Aromatic) Camus VSOP Cognac (Intensely Aromatic)
Brand: Camus
The VSOP with the deepest floral aromas in the category. Featuring in its blend some of the best eaux-de-vie from the Borderies Cru, our VSOP distinguishes itself for the high level of Terpenols, resulting into unmatched scents of fine flowers.CAMUS VSOP is an intensely aromatic cognac, whose f..
HK$520 HK$545
Drambuie Drambuie
Brand: Drambuie
The blend of aged Scotch whisky, rare Scottish heather honey and aromatic herbs and spices, can be enjoyed simply over ice.  However if you fancy something different than feels a little bit special, Drambuie is a perfect match with coffee.  Why not try one of our iced coffee cockt..
HK$260 HK$288
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