For the Japanese Gins, starting from the northern side, Etsu Gin from Hokkaido: Notes of citrus fruits with yuzu persistent, fresh and well-balanced palate. Tokyo Nights Gin from Tokyo: Stunning, remarkably fresh, with pronounced juniper berry notes. Kozue Gin from Wakayama: Added Mandarin orange peel made in Wakayama, it feels soft and fresh scent, as the flavour of Sansho(Wakayama’s Japanese pepper) to enhance the feeling of aftertaste. Masahiro Okinawa Gin from Okinawa: Sharp fruit sweetness tempered by earthy juniper and leafy hints. Goya and shekwasha were added, a bit bitterness with a sweet aftertaste.
With our East Imperial Burma Tonic from New Zealand, Warm and spicy with a hint of cinnamon on the palate. The finish is fresh, delicate, and full of zest from Manao lime.
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