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Yomeishu Herb No Megumi - small bottle

Yomeishu Herb No Megumi - small bottle
Yomeishu Herb No Megumi - small bottle
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MEGUMI is a tasty liqueur, using oriental herbs as the ingredients, relaxing your body and mind. Our know-how to mix herbs cultivated in long history and traditional techniques for producing medicated herbal liqueur enabled us to produce tasty oriental herbal liqueur.  The volume of alcohol is just 13%, which is lower than most of other liqueurs. It is mild for your body, ladies can also enjoy drinking MEGUMI easily.

MEGUMI contains 13 kinds of oriental herbs to relax your mind and body. These are divided into 2 types. One is fragrant herbs, such as apricot, cinnamon, cardamon, clove etc. They contribute to heal your mind.Other natural healing herbs includes ginseng, longan, wolfberry etc, which can delight your body. 


Content 20cl
Alcohol 13%
Country of Origin Japan
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