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Lokita Mezcal Artesanal (Espadin 8 Years)

Lokita Mezcal Artesanal (Espadin 8 Years)
Lokita Mezcal Artesanal (Espadin 8 Years)
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APPEARANCE : Clean, crystalline, fullbodied.

NOSE : Herbal and fruity cooked Agave notes to the nose, enhanced by citrus aromas. Its fibrous and herbal character is present, followed by delicate notes of orange blossom.

PALATE : The taste is rich and fruity.

FINISH : Orange blossom flavors are perfectly assembled with a citric and an earthy touch for a pleasant, generous bouquet and intense finish.

PLANT : Maguey Espadín. Angustifolia Haw. 8 Yo.

DISTILLATION : Triple. Copper pot still


Content 70 cl
Alcohol 40%
Country of Origin Mexico
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