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Brand: Ledaig
- Non-Chill Filtered- Colour : Copper Gold.- Nose : Rich, fruity sherried smokiness, lovely balance of phenols, seaweed and light creosote, dried chilli flakes, spicy black pepper with hints of sweet oakiness.- Palate : Powerful rich, sherried, herbal smoky flavours, orange peel, coffee, a touch of ..
ON THE SHORES of Islay, two worlds collide. The wild, fiery sea and the unforgiving land. Bold and brave, powerful smoky. The spirit of Islay. The taste of Mara . Showcases the maritime nature of this whisky on the palate which has been heavily influenced by the Atlantic Sea Salt atmosphere that eng..
WE’RE NO STRANGER to the waiting game and Strata’s rich, balanced flavour is a tribute to time. Complex and layered as the rocks Islay stands on. As the plural of Stratum, it refers to the many igneous rock formations that are visible along Islay’s rugged but breath-taking shores and landscape. ..
THE SECRET TO Islay’s signature smokiness lies deep below its surface. Infused by the earth, seasoned by the sea, Terra delivers a taste that’s smoky and fresh.  Terra means the earth which perfectly reflects the peat smoke in this expression, deriving its characteristics from Islay's soil.COLO..
The classic fresh Arran Single Malt character with a puff of peat smoke. This Single Malt produced at Lochranza Distillery is some of the original, very first peated Single Malt that we produced on the island.On the west coast of the Isle of Arran lies a windswept and mystical peat bog called Machri..
This peated Arran Single Malt displays all the freshness of our island house style, with an added puff of smoke and earthiness. Nose : Citrus notes with a background of peat and a puff of smoke immediately apparentPalate : A robust dram with the typical orchard fruits of Arran coming to the for..
Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three Speyside malts. Its Smooth and rich, 100% malt Scotch whisky, distilled, matured and bottled in Dufftown, Scotland. Nose : Zesty Orange meets mellow vanilla, honey and spiced oak Taste : Mellow vanilla with spicy hints Finish : Super smoothAwardsGold Medal ..
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