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Edmond Briottet Quince (Coing) Liqueur

Edmond Briottet Quince (Coing) Liqueur
Edmond Briottet Quince (Coing) Liqueur
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The combination of the finest ingredients and the expertise enables the producers at Edmond Briottet to produce liqueurs and creams of the highest quality. The quince is the fruit of the quince tree. Pear-shaped and large, it is cottony on the surface, yellow and very fragrant when ripe. Our Quince Liqueur is obtained using fresh quinces, picked in the south of France. They are harvested when fully mature towards the end of October and are then left to macerate for about six weeks. Distillation then takes place and the eau de vie thus obtained is aged in demijohns. Sugar and water is added, which enables Edmond Briottet to obtain a tasty liqueur.


Content 70cl
Alcohol 18%
Country of Origin France
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