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Brand: Deanston
- Non-Chill Filtered- Nose : Heady virgin oak, bursting with lemon zest and sweet barley sugar, with delicious notes of apple and nutmeg.- Palate : A delightful sweetness, evoking memories of candied fruits and vanilla toffee, balanced with heather honey.- Finish : A satisfying light spice, with a r..
Brand: Deanston
'- Non-Chill Filtered- Nose : Fresh hays of summer, malty cereal, rich creamy toffee and honeyed heather, balanced with sweet oak and barley sugar.- Palate : Smooth creamy sweetness with sumptuous hints of fruit, malty honeyed spiciness and soft vanilla.- Finish : Crisp and satisfying with a tingle ..
Brand: Deanston
- Non-Chill Filtered- Nose : Quite aromatic, with balanced American oak notes. Floral, malty, grassy, vanilla and honey with hints of tobacco and nutmeg.- Palate : Sweet and spicy, citrus, barley sugar, gingerbread, Manuka honey and white pepper flavours.- Finish : Dry and spicy with a warming ginge..
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