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Talisker Parley Wilder Seas Limited Edition

Talisker Parley Wilder Seas Limited Edition
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Talisker Parley Wilder Seas Limited Edition
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For nearly 200 years, the Talisker distillery has been standing proudly by the sea, embracing the elements in a land of extremes that is the inspiration for the whisky we craft.
We are on a mission to keep the seas wild, allowing marine ecosystems to thrive naturally for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.
In 2020, we partnered with the non-profit environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans based on our shared passion for the sea, and committed to helping them protect & preserve 100 million square meters of wild sea forests.
Now we are launching TALISKER WILDER SEAS, with each bottle being made using 100% recycled glass from biofuel.
Finished in French Oak XO Cognac casks as a Talisker first, this new release features notes of smooth plum and stewed raisins that capture the formidable, deep blue force of the sea with newfound depth, followed by rich fruitiness briny sea-salt and whispers of smoke and spice.


Content 70 cl
Alcohol 48.6%
Country of Origin Scotchland
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