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Kweichow ZhenJiu 15 Years

Kweichow ZhenJiu 15 Years
Kweichow ZhenJiu 15 Years
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Zhenjiu·Zhenshiwu (third generation) uses organic red tassel glutinous sorghum, wheat, and groundwater from the upper reaches of Chishui River in northern Guizhou as raw materials. It is carefully brewed using the traditional pure grain solid-state fermentation process of Maotai-flavor liquor. It is carefully blended with collected old wines of different years and high-quality base liquor without adding any aroma. Gas and aroma substances. It has a style with prominent sauce aroma, comfortable aging aroma, delicate and rounded taste, long-lasting sweetness, and long-lasting aroma in the empty cup. The bottle body of Zhen Jiu Zhen Fifteen (third generation) adopts the classic celestial bottle design. The overall color is pearlescent unicorn color with Kujin. The front of the bottle adopts platinum relief technology, highlighting the uniqueness of Zhen Jiu Zhen Fifteen. Noble, calm and elegant.


Content 50 cl
Alcohol 53%
Country of Origin China
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