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Camus XO Prestige Decanter

Camus XO Prestige Decanter
Camus XO Prestige Decanter
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The CAMUS XO honors the traditions of “Arts de la Table” in which it finds its roots with its innovative lifetime-use approach. Reaching past trends and fashion, back to pure aesthetics and emotions, CAMUS has created a stunning Decanter destined to illuminate the dinner and after-dinner conversations with the intense amber reflections of the cognac within.

The new XO blend is a perfect expression of the House of Camus’ uncompromising quest for the most intensely aromatic cognacs. The culmination of advanced distillation, finishing and blending techniques developed over five generations of the same family.

With its Prestige Decanter, CAMUS XO becomes the keystone of gastronomy, of the art of dinner service and of elegant table manners. Its lightly convex and squared face is laced with geometric motifs reminiscent of 18th century coats of arms. Like these ancient emblems, the pattern is divided into four “cantons” or sections, each containing the five stripes which symbolize the five generations which have led the family business since 1863.


Content 70cl
Alcohol 40%
Country of Origin France
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