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Brand: Cubical
Gin made from high quality English grain following a triple distillation process. cubical Kiss is produced with the same combination of Cubical Premium (juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, orris root, liquorice root, cassia, almond shells, sweet orange and Buddh..
Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey + Generic Whisky Glass Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey + Generic Whisky Glass
HOT Special
Brand: Hudson
- Well known for its spiciness; its rich and shifting flavor and aroma. - The spirit’s peppery start transitions to a honey-cinnamon depth. Note the butteriness that lingers after each sip. AwardTrophy Medal under Best Worldwide Whisky / Whiskey 2018  at Cathay Pacific HK Interna..
HK$568.00 HK$698.00
Made by a collaboration of Johnnie Walker and the Porsche Design Studio to create a hand crafted leather and aluminium ice bucket box. That will make an excellent gifts for your whisky connoisseur friendThe incredible Cube is essentially the ultimate box for your Blue Label, splitting in half to for..
HK$3,496.00 HK$3,800.00
Amarula Cream Amarula Cream
HOT Special
Made from the delicious Marula fruit of sub-Equatorial Africa, the Marula spirit is distilled and aged in French oak for two years. It is then blended with our velvety cream to create the smooth taste of Amarula - best savoured over ice, preferably with a view. On the wide-open plains of Africa ..
HK$128.00 HK$145.00
JIANGXIAOBAI (Intimate Friend) Craft Gaoliang Liquor JIANGXIAOBAI (Intimate Friend) Craft Gaoliang Liquor
VIVE L’AMITIE The most exciting thing is to drink with couples of close friends. Intimate Friend is brewed precisely for you. Using traditional Chinese distillation techniques and innovative blending methods, master distillers only take 10% heart of the original liquor and store it for more than 3 ..
HK$468.00 HK$598.00
Brand: Junenmyo
- Non-chill filtered - Distilled with selected heavy peated malt of Scotland. It leads a smoky flavor. - It is blended by over 50% of malt whisky, selected Scotch grain whisky. - It is a heavy peated style, smoky and mild taste.  ..
Brand: Kunizakari
Plum wine that exudes the noble sweetness and seductive aroma of roses, blends the essence of roses and plum fruit, and is good for health and beauty.The color is elegant light pink, which is as elegant as a queen. It is a good choice for decompression when you are tired.  ..
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