How to make Jiang Xiao Bai cocktails ? Jiang Xiao Bai is considered a millennial’s drink with most of its branding activities relating to hip-hop culture. Street dance, pop-up stores, music festivals and graffiti competitions are some of the ways Jiang Xiao Bai uses to appeal to its audience. Jiang Xiao Bai is the liquor of choice for many celebrities in China. This company has big plans for the future, it plans to be the Baijiu than succeeds in conquering the West. Receipts Tears of love 30 ml (1 oz) Light aroma Baijiu Fill glass Lemon lime soda (Sprite) Chopsticks Hit twice! Dragons Breath 30 ml (1 oz) Light aroma Baijiu 30 ml (1 oz) Red bitter liqueur (Campari) 30 ml (1 oz) Sweet Vermouth Add lots of ice and stir Garnish with fire and an orange peel! Chinese coffee 30 ml (1 oz) Light aroma Baijiu 30 ml (1 oz) Coffee Liqueur 30 ml (1 oz) Espresso Shake well and garnish with coffee beans and min