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Stanford Governor's Cuvee Sparkling Wine Brut

Stanford Governor's Cuvee Sparkling Wine Brut
Stanford Governor's Cuvee Sparkling Wine Brut
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Through four generations since 1869, the Weibel Family has been producing California Champagne and fine wines for over 8 decades, first in their native Switzerland, and then since 1939 after moving to California. When Fred E. Weibel, Sr. and his father Rudolf came to California, they brought with them classic, old-world winemaking techniques and traditions, combined  with a personal commitment to quality and excellence. Today, the Weibel Family continues to make premium-priced California sparkling wines, and a variety of excellent wines, and Weibel Family labels are well known for its superb quality

Stanford Governor's Cuvée Brut is named in honor of Leland Stanford, who governed California when Rudolf Weibel established the winery. It represents the best value sparkler, and is perfect for large parties and events.  It is a crisp, refreshing sparkling wine filled with bubbles and fun! Pear and pineapple nuances leap out of this sparkler with lively flavors of crisp green apple.


Content 75 cl
Alcohol 11%
Country of Origin USA
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